For FLEAT VI at Harvard Aug 2015B_gGFpZU8AAuLMr.png

FLEAT VI Harvard

Our intro-5 minutes

  • Joanne Thomas
    • HIES, teaching for 18 years, 7 year member of Quizlet, author, honorary language consultant for Quizlet-worked with team in San Fran
      • motivation, flashcards, realistic activities, web 2.0
  • Andrea Dignon
    • NCCS, teaching for 9 years, 5 year member of Quizlet, same methodology as Joanne

Intro to Quizlet-15 minutes

  • Signing up (have teachers sign up)
  • Differences among the 3 accounts
    • Basic (has ads, no image upload, no microphone, but may copy other sets with images-$0/year)
    • Quizlet Plus (no ads, allows images and microphone, class organization-$15/year)
    • Quizlet Teacher (same as “Plus”, plus track student progress, and search “teacher created sets only” feature -$25/year)
      • will get 2 weeks free of teacher account (??)
  • Searching, copying, editing (search your textbook), look for “teacher” icon. (model this for the class – then give them 5 minutes to search on their own)
  • Find a creator you like and click on that name to find more sets you like
  • Setting language (which side to set-click on “Learn” to confirm
  • Make folders
  • Generating Notes
  • Make a worksheet

*NOTE-it’s not just for vocab flashcards (bonjour= hello)-SEGUE into part II

ACTIVITIES – Speaking with Listening Comprehension – 25 min

  1. Week 1 of school-Names Quizlet
  2. Repeat & Recognize
  3. Turns into Oral Mastery @ home
  4. Around Me (autour de moi) (HAVE FLASHCARDS IN HAND (print/laminate))
  5. Hot Seat
  6. Screen Recording PC/MAC
  7. Birthday shopping / Café
  8. Google Voice / School Voicemail
  9. Running Dictation
  10. Answer Reading Comprehension questions in class
  11. Marathon
  12. ORAL Quiz / Test / Exam (show the Oral Exam 7th grade Semester 1 exam)

ACTIVITIES – WRITING with Listening Comprehension – 25 minutes

  1. Solitaire
  2. Learn / Speller (earphones if done in class) (never mute speller) (students sign in) (SCREEN SHOTS!) HW
    1. Set goals – 40 or more right / 65% or more complete on speller
    2. 45 minute rule!!!
  3. Space Race – never graded / only in class
  4. Scatter (DON'T USE-waste of class time)
  5. Fake White board (low stress environment / not graded)
    1. If everyone does perfectly on this, then graded – no REAL whiteboard. 10-15 shuffled (PRE-STARRED 20-25 if necessary (instead of skipping)).
  6. Avalanche
  7. Running Dictation
  8. Written Mastery (similar to Solitaire – but no English)
  9. Relay with adjective agreement (could also do w/ verb conjugations and expressions)
  10. Fake Test / Worksheet (2 days before test/quiz)
  11. Read story and fill in answers, then take "test"
  12. The Doggie Bets (the day before a test/quiz – this is the review) The winning team could receive a SLIGHT bonus – or candy – or fame and glory)
  13. Real White board (10 pt. grade) Reasonable stress
  14. Written Quiz/Test (give an example – tie into the Written only portion of Quizlet)

BREAK – 10 min

ACTIVITIES –READING Comprehension – 15 minutes

  1. Relay
    1. Two teams form the phrase & read for accuracy while the non-playing team writes.
  2. Script Passage – weather, shopping, play lines, café, make one's own for speaking practice, etc (AIM)
  3. Story passage-Who What When Where Why questions – English and Target language
    1. Student Teaching w/ story passage
  4. Running Dictation

BOOM – 45 minutes

  1. Traveling / Interviews
    1. One Group travels while two groups receive them.
  2. In Interviews, students have a goal to how many classmates they speak with.
  3. Public Speaking - family
  4. Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangout
  5. Authentic Application – Café / Birthday / Directions with Google Maps
  6. Job Interviews
  7. Museum / Auction Field Trip
  8. Scavenger hunt – Can be done on a field trip or in your school.
    1. Reconnaissance work – Permanent Collection
  9. Weather
  10. Student Teaching – Reading passage
    1. Hardcore sentences then students wrote the sentences/story on a quizlet – then they did a pictoral reference to the story
    2. Then when it’s time to student teach, students are given a “Who” card, they must ask the two students in front of them “Qui va à la plage?”
  11. AIM


"Can you help me learn French? I'm going to Paris this summer..."

BREAK – 10 min

MAKE YOUR OWN Wiki -25 minutes

Close – survey – 5 minutes